A citizen recorded video of Igualada rapist before committing sexual assault

Police sources explained that this video and other footage from security cameras in the area made it possible to reconstruct the route the alleged rapist took on the night of the events. They also tracked his and the victim’s cell phone connection via antennas.

single participant

Minutes before the attack, cameras recorded the investigation after the victimAlso, how they “started speeding after the little one”, how they entered the same street and how he left the area with the girl’s clothes in hand at around 06:41 during these 20 minutes and no one else passed by, which prevents other people from participating in the activities.

In addition, during a search of his home following the perpetrator’s arrest, agents found clothing that “exactly matched the clothing in which he was caught by security cameras”, where they later found the victim’s DNA.

The magistrate ordered a temporary prison sentence without bail for the alleged perpetrator of the actions. attempted murder and sexual assaulttaking into account that the facts are “sufficient indications of the alleged commission”.

Source: Informacion


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