Adriana Abenia signed to Telemadrid: this is what she will present next season

adriana abenia will add a new professional project from next season. communicator and collaborator of fields such as ‘People’s mirror’ anyone ‘Mangal World’ by tab telemadrid Being the host of the Madrid version ‘to wander’It’s a format that Telemadrid has begun adapting to premiere when the summer is over, as YOTELE privately learned.

‘Callejeando’ will reach Madrid public channel After his good performance at Canal Sur. Throughout their deliveries, their correspondents toured some of the most emblematic corners of the eight Andalusian states. And there they meet their neighbors with specialists who know deeply the history of each street and square. Some are filled with curiosity, others are about characters of international importance.

Abenia will not be alone in front of this new field. Oscar Martinez he will be one of the co-hosts and this role will be played by Mr. Spain. Luis MunozHe will be responsible for navigating the streets outside of Madrid.

The format created by Grupo ADM (‘Andalucía Directo’, ‘Andalucia de Fiesta’), combining a pure form of entertainment with disclosure, it accompanies the audience as they rediscover the streets they passed over and over without knowing all the past they hide. But it also reveals corners filled with magic hitherto unnoticed.

In this way, Adriana Abenia is adding a new professional challenge to her Telemadrid channel, where she is currently only guesting in areas such as: ‘perfect people’ Y ‘Catch me if you can make it famous’. Throughout his extensive professional career, the Zaragoza communicator has been at the forefront of formats such as: ‘sour strawberry’ (Telecinco), ‘Give it all’, ‘I love Aragon’ (Aragon TV), ‘take a selfie’ (four) and ‘Are you playing or what?’ (La 1 de TVE), in addition to the premiere of the Iris Awards.

In addition to this, Abenia has also been a regular reporter or collaborator for television programs. ‘No further’, ‘Save me’, ‘This is how things work’, ‘Friends and acquaintances’ Y ‘four a day’In addition to being a participant in the latest issue ‘Look who’s dancing’ At TVE’s La 1.

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