The jury found Romina’s husband guilty of all the charges against which he was charged.

HE Jury in Romina Celeste trial It announced its decision on Tuesday at noon. the confessed perpetrator of her death, her husband Raúl DC, declared her guilty of all charges against her. The defendant had already admitted that last Friday, at the first session of the trial, held in the City of Justice of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, he had mistreated, killed and disrespected his wife, as well as spreading her body around the country. From the coast of Lanzarote.

Jurors found Raúl guilty of all the crimes against which he was charged. the decision has been made unanimous vote of nine members Prosecution is made when declaring that the facts constituting the jury have been proven. Specifically, they met in Madrid at the end of 2017 and moved to Lanzarote to live together in 2018 and got married in August of the same year; that he constantly mistreated and despised her during intercourse; two injuries confirmed by the parties – one at the Gran Hotel de Arrecife in August 2018 and the other at the conjugal home in December of the same year; And? Killed it early in the 2019 New YearHe smashed her body into pieces after barbecued it and threw it at different points on the coast of Lanzarote.

Most of the parties had already put forward their intention to change the provisional findings to include the mitigation of damages, requested a guilty verdict from the jury and adhered to the prosecutor’s qualifications. Ministry of Public He reduced his request for 15 years, 9 months and 4 days in prison.. 12 years and six months for completed murder, one year and nine months for habitual abuse, six months for the attack at Gran Hotel Arrecife, nine months for the attack on the home in the days before Romina’s death, and months for desecration of three bodies. Also, heand a fine of 1,080 euros at the rate of six euros per day for six months.


Raúl DC had the last word, apologizing just before the jury retreated to deliberation. “To Romina’s family, to my family, and to society as a whole, even if they don’t deserve it”. And he quoted a saying that was said to him: “Forgiveness cannot be asked for, it is worthy of forgiveness.”

Romina’s killer apologizes but does not say where her remains are.

Moreover, He thanked the work of the jury members and suggested that he would accept his decision. and punishment imposed by judge José Luis Goizueta and will go to prison voluntarily.

I can’t prove it was murder

In his final report, Jesús Lomba, the prosecutor appointed for Gender-Based Violence, commented to the jury that although they thought the sentence requested was low, it was not based on existing laws. He also insisted that it was not possible to prove that it was murder rather than murder, since no bodies were found to provide evidence for it. “We don’t know the details of how this aggression happened”stated.

Lomba summarized all the evidence in the file and applied at the hearings of this trial, explaining to the jury that everything they had was sufficient to prove the guilt of the accused. He said that with the announced decision, he wanted Romina’s memory to be secured, his family to find the peace he deserved, and that his “honour be restored”.

Keep working on gender-based violence

Both Emilia Zaballos, the representative of the special prosecutor’s office, and Pino de la Nuez, the attorney of the popular prosecutor’s office, They focus on their final argument, the need to continue working on gender-based violence. To put an end to this social scourge. “of gender violence We don’t have to worry, we have to take care of ourselves”Zaballos, who had already stated that the system had failed on the first day of the trial, when he went to the Romina hospital just days before the murder, was announced to be discharged voluntarily and the protocol was not activated despite telling the nurse, Zaballos concluded. had been the victim of abuse.

Pino de la Nuez, for his part, is at the forefront of this highly publicized case. “Another proof that we must continue to work to combat gender violence in the face of deniers.” Lawyer filed a complaint “Low participation of citizensshe talked about the “necessity” of including the gender perspective in all areas of justice. He also noted that, like his colleague at the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the defendant’s confession “is not a request for remorse or pardon”. Zaballos went further and said he accepted the facts “because he had no other choice given the available evidence”.

Finally, the defense, led by lawyer Nicolás Revuelto Lalinde, wanted to emphasize that since it dealt with Raúl’s representation at the end of January, his intention was not to “extend” the procedure, but rather the opposite. “This is not a strategy, it comes from the past (…) We all rowed in the same direction and not reaching for an ‘acuerdillo’, he added. I never wanted to object to unnecessary delaysalthough there is evidence of this. He finally announced that he would not appeal the sentence.

All parties adhered to the qualifications of private prosecution, popular prosecution and defense, prosecution.. The Second Division of the Las Palmas State Court will make a decision in the coming days.

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