st. Petersburg court forbids trace of Oksimiron* 19:09

A court in St. Petersburg banned the distribution of the track “Oida” by rapper Oksimiron (known in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent) (real name – Miron Fedorov). It has been reported TASS in relation to the joint press service of the city courts.

“St. The Oktyabrsky District Court in St. Petersburg evaluated the administrative case filed by the prosecutor’s office for recognizing information disseminated over the Internet as information that is prohibited to be distributed in Russia. We’re talking about Oxxxymiron’s musical work “Oida”,” the message says.

According to the expert’s conclusion, the song calls for “certain actions” that could lead to a violation of Russia’s territorial integrity.

Safe Internet League representatives in October 2022 sent Rapper Oxxxymiron filed a formal appeal to the Attorney General’s Office demanding that the song “Oida” be checked for signs of extremism. According to Mizulina, the song was performed by St. It contains calls to separate St. Petersburg from Russia. Mizulina also asked the musician to check whether he was involved in organizing extremist activities “to divide Russia on the basis of an ethnic theme”.

At the same time, the Moscow Zamoskvoretsky Court in the same month accepted extremist song “Last Call” by rapper Oxxxymiron. The Moscow prosecutor’s office found “signs of the overt legitimation of terrorism, the propaganda of the ideas of terrorism, the justification for acts of violence and the ideology of violence”.

Source: Gazeta


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