Palestine blames Israel for death of Al Jazeera reporter

Mourning over the death of Al Jazeera reporter, Shirin Abu Akleh, It starts to turn into anger. While mourning this murder, which is the symbol of thousands of journalism profession, the authorities are reacting. Palestine makes it responsible completely Israel According to the Palestinian president, for the assassination of Abu Akleh Mahmud Abbas. Against this, United Nations condemned the crime and demanded an independent investigation. The Israeli Army, on the other hand, is moving away from its original version of blaming only armed Palestinians.

“We reject the joint investigation with the Israeli occupation authorities because they committed the crime. we don’t trust themAbbas made a statement at the official ceremony held in Ramallah in memory of the reporter. Abbas promised to take the case to court. International Criminal Court. This civil affairs minister, Hussein al-Sheikhannounced that the Palestinian Authority (PA) refused to give the “bullet that killed journalist Sirin” to Israel and would conduct an independent investigation. “All indications, evidence and witnesses confirm his murder. Made by Israeli special units” he tweeted.

In response, the UN was quick to condemn the attack and call for an emergency. “Immediate and thorough investigation The Middle East envoy condemned, saying “Media workers should never be attacked”, Tor Wennesland. Shireen Abu Akleh wore a helmet and bulletproof vest, identifying herself as a member of the press. The bullet that killed him slipped through the only unprotected hole, his neck. “What happened a deliberate attempt to kill us; Whoever shot us aimed to kill us,” said his partner. Shatha Hanaysha a Middle East Eye.

“Attack on freedom of the press”

The team from the very beginning Al Jazeera He pointed to the Israeli army. “It was an Israeli sniper hit us; We did not get caught in the crossfire with Palestinian fighters as the Israeli military claims,” Hanaysha explained. As international pressure mounts, Israel is clarifying its version of events. israeli army he accepted it still not clear Whether Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli fire or Palestinian fire.

The initial findings were reported by an Al Jazeera reporter. 150 meters away Israel’s great ally of the Israeli military forces when they killed him, United States of AmericaHe also spoke, describing the crime as “an attack on freedom of the press everywhere”. “We call for an urgent and thorough investigation and full accountability,” the White House press secretary said. Jen Psaki. Abu Akleh United States citizen.

journalism icon

“I remember seeing Shirin on TV when I was 10,” she recalls. Ehab from Beirut for this diary. “We broke up when we heard the news. shock; How can Israel continue to use such violence without consequences?”, the young man infuriated. Thousands of people They attended the ceremony held at the Palestinian Authority headquarters to mourn the great loss of the Palestinian people. “He’s always been the one to tell us everything that’s going on in Palestine,” admits Ehab.

Local JerusalemThis 51-year-old Palestinian left architecture to pursue his passion: journalism. From 1997was the face of Al Jazeera in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. In any home in the area, they can recognize his voice as it has been filtered through their televisions for over two decades. an entire generation young female journalists They were inspired by the work of Abu Akleh. That’s why his colleagues admit that this stubborn reporter was killed but not dead.

The murder of Abu Akleh, Hz. The dangers faced by Palestinian journalists under occupation. “Our loss as Palestinians and journalists is indescribable, but now more than ever, our job is important, defended his partner Hanaysha, who saw her collapse before her eyes. Hanaysha insists that “to document the violations of this occupation, for our journalistic values, we must continue to do journalism. TRUE and by Shirin.”

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