Gardener explains why he will use aspirin when growing tomatoes

The gardener told why it is recommended to grow tomatoes with aspirin. This has been reported To express.

Chris Bonnett, owner of Gardening Express, the UK’s largest horticultural centre, explained that aspirin boosts the immunity of tomatoes, repels pests and prevents disease. “The most important tip few people know is this: Add a few aspirins to a watering can and water your tomatoes once a week with the resulting solution,” Bonnett says.

According to the grower, this lifesaver will also strengthen tomatoes’ tolerance to stressful conditions such as high temperatures or lack of watering, contributing to a richer harvest.

The expert also recommended using stakes when growing tomatoes, spraying them with Epsom salt solution and feeding them with a seaweed fertilizer.

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Source: Gazeta


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