‘Deportes Cuatro’ made an offer to ‘El Ingeniero’ after being expelled from ‘El Chiringuito’.

Pedro Saezbetter known ‘Engineer’announced on his Twitch channel a few days ago that he was fired ‘beach bar’. However, he was quick to get a new job offer from the collaborative competition. team this monday ‘Four sports’ contacted him during one of his broadcasts to show interest in his profile.

“Pedro, we need a coach for the media league”The Mediaset space crew wrote a message that it didn’t take long for Sáez to read. In this way, they referred to one of his functions at the Mega sports meeting, where he was responsible for analyzing the media league using his knowledge of Big Data.

The ‘engineer’ was quick to respond to the offer with humor: “It’s bastards like signing Figo”. A few seconds later, he continued to say, “Be careful, ‘Deportes Cuatro’ wants to contract me” to check the program’s place in the said league’s classification. He informed his viewers, who followed this unexpected exchange of messages with great interest, “It was the seventh”.

“I’m so glad you want to sign me. My humble question is because I know you can’t fire me right now… Will I get paid this time?” The streamer threw the person in the back. Account of ‘Deportes Cuatro’ responding to ‘El chiringuito’ with a tip. “We only do eight hours here”He stated, citing the alleged reasons for Sáez’s sudden departure.

“Look out, there’s a TV channel where they do eight hours. Could it be the most legit TV channel?”, raised Sáez, and confirmed that he needed to talk to his “entourage” about the offer he had just received. “We’ll talk privately that they’re watching us, you know,” they said of Cuatro.

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