A prisoner who fell asleep with a cigarette in Villena Prison was injured with burns.

A prisoner of Villena Who had a psychiatric history and who was under suicide prevention protocol It was reported that (PPS) suffered second-degree burns as a result of falling asleep with a cigarette, and that his clothes caught fire in a cell in the infirmary, which was confirmed by the sources of the Penitentiary Institutions, who initially stated that his life was not in danger.

Other prison sources confirm that the prisoner suffered. 20% of your body is on fire and had to be transferred to a burn unit in Valencia after being treated in Elda.

The events took place last Tuesday in a cell in the hospital’s infirmary. prison from Villena. The day before, the prisoner flared up and tried to hurt himself by lunging as a door closed to get caught.

After this incident, he was taken to the infirmary of the center and the suicide prevention protocol was applied the next day. He was under observation in a cell, the prisoner fell asleep with a lit cigarette and his clothes caught fire because his mattress was non-combustible.

Prison sources say he suffered from the outbreak Monday afternoon. there were no doctors in the prison and telemedicine service was also not available. Tuesday was when the doctor ordered it. PPS.

Source: Informacion


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