Spain asks Brussels for European funds to finance green hydrogen projects

The Spanish government sent a letter European Commission which he claims is his upcoming plan accelerate the power outage Russia give priority to projects based on sustainable hydrogen developed in Spain and Community funds.

Letter dated 6 May signed by the Vice President for Ecological Transformation, Theresa RiveraJust a week before Brussels presented its RePower EU strategy, the Green Deal was sent to Community Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans and Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson.

In the text developed by El País and accessible to EFE, Ribera underlines his analysis to the Commission on projects necessary to reduce the bloc’s dependence on Russian gas in the short term. “It should not be isolated from the long-term path to climate neutrality.”

Prioritize shipping from Spain

“This means prioritize the transport and trade of renewable hydrogen From where it is produced competitively, such as southern Europe (Spain), to the rest of the EU, while optimizing existing infrastructures and capacities, such as regasification plants,” he adds.

Therefore, the project selection “consistent” in order to reduce energy dependence and also to align with the Green Deal and international commitments in the fight against climate change.

“In all these cases, especially under the current circumstances, the EU must provide adequate funding for these projects,” the letter states. it was said.

Second, Spain conveys to Brussels that the RePower EU plan should “strengthen the ongoing development of renewable energy sources” and design a “relevant” role for energy storage.

Accelerating renewable energy potential

“Accelerating your full potential renewable It is key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy dependence in the EU and creating jobs in relevant economic sectors and promoting the development of new technologies and business models.”

In line with this, Spain advocates to encourage “more” research, development and innovation in the field of solar panels, also with regard to new materials, and to strengthen the value chain at the European level.

It also requests a “special framework” for energy storage projects from the Community Manager. technologies are “net enablers” on the road to a decarbonised economy.

The final point of the letter suggests to the European Commission that the next meeting of the 27th Energy Managers serves to reflect potential changes in the design of the European electricity market following the recent report by ACER.

In the Spanish Government’s view, this report “confirms that the current design (the EU electrical system) is not suitable for the future”, but also does not provide “any ideas for improving the correct response to its limits”.

He also criticizes the letter, which he did not mention in the ACER document. the “need” to improve electrical interconnections “The lower the interconnection, the lower the liquidity of the market is considered”.

Source: Informacion


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