Son of deceased couple arrested in Guadalajara for signs of violence

The arrest occurred on Tuesday afternoon and is expected to appear in court today, as confirmed by sources from the Guadalajara Government’s Sub-Committee to Efe.

After his deposition, the judge will determine the measures to be taken for the detainees.

Sources close to the investigation informed Efe on Tuesday that his 31-year-old son, who is currently in detention, has been taken to the Guadalajara Hospital in the Psychiatric field.

young man who habitually residing in Madrid and would have suffered from mental health issues beforeHe told a friend that when he awoke this Monday, his family found the bodies of Manuel, 70, and Martina, 62.

According to the same sources, the deceased’s son, saw his parents “in a pool of blood”Instead of calling 112, he went to this friend.

Likewise, the same sources stated that they were investigating how long the bodies had been lifeless.

Judicial authorities ordered the confidentiality of the summary of this case this Tuesday.

Source: Informacion


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