If the scientific name is Plectranthus verticillatus although we all know him as him herb from money. With such an obscene name, it should not be missing in any home. However, tradition states that you cannot buy it. If you want the money factory to be effective within its powers they have to give it to you. Popular beliefs also state that: if you take good care of it never miss money in your home. Legendary or not, we’ll give you five simple tips. take care of yourself money plant.


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If that means economic prosperity in your country house, extraordinary. if he doesn’t come moneyat least you will get valuable pleasure decorative plant It’s healthy and shiny that will look great in any corner.

Money plant: maintenance

This plectrum anyone money plant you don’t need a little care Since it is very comprehensive, it will be easy to store it in your home for a long time. You only need to take into account certain details so that herb money looks good for years.

  • Sunlight yes, but not directly. Put it in a bright place where the sun’s rays cannot damage it.
  • water once a week. It doesn’t need a lot of water but you should check that the substrate is kept moist at all times.
  • protect it from the cold Especially in winter, these vegetables should be stored in a warm place in your home.
  • put fertilizer. If you notice that the leaves are starting to turn yellow, fertilize every 15 days. They will soon regain the intense and bright green that characterizes them.
  • to be careful. If you find that it doesn’t look the way you want it to move around

Varieties of money plant

This plectrum It is part of the Labiatae family, also called Lamiaceae or Lamiaceae. Lamiales (Labiaceae). Leaves, as can be seen with the naked eye, mint because they are first cousins. However, there are five fairly well differentiated varieties: Plectranthus coleoides, Plectranthus argentatus, Plectranthus coleoides marginata, Plectranthus fructicosus and Plectranthus nicolina. Although their care is similar, each has its own aesthetic characteristics.

How to propagate money plant

If you are lucky and someone decidedgive you one herb from money so that you can swim in abundance, you must be generous with other people and continue to give plectranthus and distribute wealth among your family and friends. herb and spread happiness among your relatives.

Very easy. you only need one a glass of water and a stem of your plant. Put the branch in water and it will root in a few days. Transplant it into a flower pot and it’s time to give it to someone. I’m sure it will make her very happy.

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