This jade tree (crassula ovata) Decorating your home with plants is the latest trend. If you don’t have it yet jade plant in a corner of you house, run now to get one. This herbfamily owned succulents It would be ideal on a shelf or somewhere on the floor next to books. vase paint in the living room. It also serves to decorate the hall and even the bathroom.


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If you don’t know exactly what the problem is care need, do not despair. Some lines below jade tree care tips easily and look beautiful on house.

How to care for a jade tree

The care you need jade tree It is not difficult to meet them. First of all, this plant needs a lot of light and even direct sunlight. Therefore, you can live perfectly on the terrace or terrace. balcony your house. Another point to note is It needs very little water. If you water it every two or three weeks in winter it will be enough.

The jade plant needs a lot of light. pixabay

One of the most common problems that jade plants experience is leaves turn yellowfall soft and even. This can happen for two reasons: too much or too little water. if herb absorbs too much water, roots can be damaged and fungi and bacteria can accumulate. The same thing happens if the sole is too dry.

Where to place crassula at home

Lovers of decoration and gardening clearly understood this. jade silver It can be placed anywhere in the house. As we said before, it needs a lot of light, so you should choose a well-lit place. if we trust Feng Shui most need jade plant It can be placed in the dining room or living room. Location may change. According to this Eastern philosophy, the ideal place for jade by the window or as a centerpiece.

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Continuing with eastern philosophies, this vegetable is also recommended for the living room or dining hall. by the front dooras it will cause good energies to enter and bring into your home luck and prosperity to the family. You can also place the plant in the corner of your home that you use to work or in your office if you have one. In any case, it will bring harmony and a very warm and original touch of green.