Doctor explains how to reduce cravings for harmful sweets 00:35

People often “break down” for sweets when the body lacks nutrients. Therefore, it is important to first determine how complete and varied the human diet is. It should contain enough substance to keep you full for a long time. After all, it is their rejection that makes the body demand sweets. Ekaterina Kashukh, a gastroenterologist, candidate of medical sciences at the Gemotest Laboratory told about this.

According to the expert, first of all, in order to reduce the craving for sweets, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates should be present in the diet, especially complex ones – whole grains, long-cooked cereals. It is important that fiber is present – these are vegetables and fruits.

“An indispensable component that keeps a person full for a long time is protein foods – meat and fish, eggs, dairy products, as well as legumes, some cereals. The menu should also include healthy fats – sea fish varieties, avocado, various vegetable oils, ”advised Ekaterina Kashukh.

He also reminded that categorical bans on sweets will lead to malfunctions. To stop eating sweets, you have to stop forbidding yourself. You can try to replace harmful industrial sweets with a large amount of sugar and artificial additives with more useful ones, for example, dark chocolate, homemade sweets.

“It’s worth considering what causes overeating. They are often eaten with stress-busting sweets, rewarded for success, used as a consolation for failures, or as the only way to diversify the boring, monotonous daily life. In these situations, you need to ask yourself not how to stop eating harmful sweets, but what to change in your life so that sweets are not the main cause of joy or a way of relaxation,” said the candidate of science.

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Source: Gazeta


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