19-year-old girl diagnosed with incurable dementia 00:21

Gianna Kabo, a resident of McKinney, Texas, USA, was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 19. It has been reported New York Post With reference to the SWNS agency.

The publication notes that the girl’s mother, Rebeca Robertson, said that she first noticed changes in the girl’s behavior in the fall of 2020 after contracting a coronavirus.

Robertson emphasized that Cabo is the best student in the class, but after COVID-19 he became forgetful, sleepy and stopped communicating with his friends. At first, the doctors who were asked for help mistook the symptoms of an incurable disease as a post-COVID syndrome.

In 2021, doctors suggested that the girl was depressed and prescribed appropriate drugs that did not help her. But in the fall of 2022, the mother decided to take her daughter to a neurologist, where experts found that Cabo had no electrical activity in the right middle lobe of the brain and diagnosed him with dementia.

Formerly with the State of Australia New South Wales Police declarationClaire Knowland, 95, who had previously been stabbed by law enforcement, died on May 24.

Source: Gazeta


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