Petersburger filmed neighbors in a shared apartment for two months with a hidden camera in the toilet 20:04

st. In St. Petersburg, a court convicted a local resident of breaching privacy for installing a hidden camera in the bathroom of a shared apartment. Reported by partner press office city ​​courts.

The court and the investigation found that Dmitry Mikhailov, who lived for two months in a communal apartment in a house on Kronverkskaya Street, that is, from October 9 to December 9, 2021, secretly took a camera that he had secretly installed. communal toilet. So the man shot at least 69 videos, all of which were later found on his laptop’s hard drive.

According to the prosecution, he did this by wanting to put at his disposal nude images of his two neighbors. Mikhailov also set up another camera to personally monitor the moment another girl visits the shower, but this hidden device was discovered and the police received an explanation for this fact.

Earlier it was clarified that the Petersburger was not brought to criminal responsibility. The judge took into account the satisfactory qualities of the accused in making his decision and sentenced him to 150 hours of forced labor.

In May, reported that in the United States, a young man’s model OnlyFans settled on the roof of his house and secretly filmed him sleeping.

Source: Gazeta


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