Treasury considering an IPO of 23,000 for central government

This Treasure and Public Function It is facing preliminary negotiation of the 2022 public employment proposal (OPE). Maria Jesus Montero put the switchboards on the table, would be around 23,000 seats for the general administration of government (AGE), as confirmed by various union sources consulted. Another stability offer will be added to this temporary Between 4,500 and 5,000 seats. This amount would be “inadequate” in the eyes of workers’ representatives because, although it exceeds the previous year’s figures, it does not allow for sufficient corporatisation to compensate for the accumulated loss of personnel resulting from the cuts of the last decade. Public Officials neither confirm nor deny these figures and claim they have yet to assemble the overall picture when they will finish deciding on this year’s OPE.

Negotiations are in the final stages as the new law to stabilize employment in the civil service obliges different administrations to publish stabilization proposals before the end of May. And the centers are confident that they can increase the amount of places that the Treasury sends to them for the time being. They think the budget has margin and the central government needs reinforcements. According to union calculations, between 54,000 and 60,000 workers have been lost in the last decade due to retirement and replacement. “The viability of the general government of the state is greatly at stake in the medium term. In 10 years, 60% of the workforce will retire,” they warn. csif.

From CCOO Calculate that increasing the number of new admissions places to 15,000, the number of internal promotion places to 10,500 and dropping an IPO of 25,500 would be a sufficient proposition. “It is very important to speed up the times” coverage It is not possible for places to wait until three years,” they warn from the center. They explain that they are offering to lease from the CCOO to the Treasury. temporary some of those who have passed the opposition so they can join immediately and then stabilize when the position is formally determined. But this option was rejected.

“We do not understand how the government has not taken a decision. multi-year employment plan‘ they complain UGT. This is a shared and recurring claim among centers to be able to devise a long-term relief plan within the aging AGE, but it has not been gauntlet from the Ministry led by María Jesús Montero.

Source: Informacion


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