Russians planning a trip abroad were advised on foreign currency payments

Russians were advised to prepay for services abroad through a tour operator

Tourism industry experts gave Russian tourists recommendations to avoid difficulties in paying for services and goods in foreign currency abroad. It is reported by the portal

The head of the ART-TOUR company, Dmitry Arutyunov, advised travelers to make a deposit in rubles in advance through the tour operator to pay for additional services in the hotel. “Then tourists hardly need cash. When the account is closed, we’ll refund the difference if it’s left over,” the expert explained the schedule.

The head of the Pink Elephant network, Alexan Mkrtchyan, supported his colleague’s proposal, adding that tourists are now booking various services through a travel agency before traveling. Transfers, excursions and even dinners are planned in advance.

Among other things, the Russians were reminded of the self-payment method: you can get cash abroad using money transfer systems, the largest and best known of which are Zolotaya Korona and Kontakt. You can send money to yourself via the website or application of services.

So both systems work in Turkey, in Egypt Shift acts as a partner of the Golden Crown in the branches of the Banque du Caire bank, but Russian transfer systems are not represented in the UAE and Thailand. At the same time, the portal specialists reminded of the limits on the number of transfers per month and the losses due to conversions.

Earlier in March, Russia launched travel to Uzbekistan, with the aim of issuing bank cards from Visa and Mastercard payment systems. Prices for such a ticket start from 23 thousand rubles per person, the price includes accommodation, transfer, accompaniment to a bank visit, preparation of documents and medical insurance.

Source: Lenta


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