In Europe, they talked about the consequences of refusing a joint flight with Russia to Mars

The European Space Agency is unlikely to launch the ExoMars space mission before 2028 without the participation of Russia. This was stated by the scientific director of ExoMars 2022 from the European Space Agency, Jorge Vago.

According to him, the launch of the mission in 2026 raises doubts due to the inability to quickly establish the location of the Russian landing platform Kazachok. “Theoretically possible, but in practice, we believe it will be very difficult for us to restructure ourselves and create our own land by 2026,” Vago told a scientific conference. Said. “A launch in 2028 looks more realistic.”

A launch in 2028 is fraught with two problems. According to one orbiter, the device will reach Mars fairly quickly, but a month before dust storms begin at the landing site. Another orbit would require two years of flight. “We are convincing our engineers that the season of dust storms is not deadly,” the scientist added.

According to him, for a launch in 2028, Europeans will need the help of American specialists in landing systems, and most importantly, the use on board of an American source of plutonium, previously supplied by Russia. The latter situation will most likely require launching the device from American soil. Previously, the European Space Agency’s governing council has decided that it is “impossible” to launch a mission on a Russian rocket in 2022.

Source: Gazeta


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