Mentioned the consequences of the transfer of settlements with Europe for gas in rubles

Economist Belyaev said the transfer of settlements with Europe for gas in rubles will push the dollar

The conversion of payments for gas supplies to Europe into rubles means that the dollar is somewhat displacing, and this is also a significant blow to the sanctions imposed by the United States, said Mikhail Belyaev, economic science candidate, financial analyst. He spoke about the consequences of this decision in a conversation with

The two sides are free to choose the currency that suits them in the calculations, the economist noted. “The only problem that arises is that this is happening under the terms of sanctions – how ready is the other party to settle in this currency, how ready is it to deal with payments in dollars and euros? It all depends on how much they need our supplies, and I think they need them,” he said.

The question is also where Western Europe will get the rubles for settlements, believes Belyaev. In his opinion, she has two options: either buy rubles on the free foreign exchange market, or, in violation of sanctions, continue to sell to Russia for rubles those goods that we bought before. “This is further evidence that these sanctions are having a negative impact on the Western European economy, and some measures need to be taken to dismantle them, otherwise the European economy will be in distress,” the analyst concluded.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to transfer payments for gas supplies to Europe in rubles as soon as possible.

Source: Lenta


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