In Belarus they have decided to review the concept of national security

Belarus Security Council has announced the reform of the concept of national security

The authorities of Belarus have decided to review the concept of national security of the republic. This is stated by State Secretary of the Belarusian Security Council Alexander Volfovich, reports.

He stated that the Security Council is currently reforming the concept of national security, “based on the emergence of new risks, challenges and threats”.

“Today, biological safety issues are emerging. There are some other issues that require taking adequate response measures,” explains Volfovich.

The Secretary of State of the Security Council noted that in the near future, the updated concept of national security will be presented to the President of the Republic, after which it will be submitted to the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly (VNC) for discussion.

Earlier, Volfovich said Belarus was “trying to be swept up” in the hostilities in Ukraine. He stressed that the republic’s leadership would not allow this, pointing out that his country “never pursued aggressive goals and always stood for peace”.

Source: Lenta


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