The girl left a giant spider as a pet and preferred it to guests

The girl refused to kill the giant spider that settled in the house for the sake of the guests

A resident of Sydney, Australia, left behind a large spider that appeared at home as a pet, gave it a name and preferred its company to guests, and refused to kill it at their request. She spoke about this in a post on the Reddit website in the AmItheAsshole subreddit (“Am I an asshole?”).

The 26-year-old author of the post explained that giant crab spiders are common in Australia, and one of them walked into her home and settled in the living room. She did not even think about getting rid of the new neighbor, because he caught flies and mosquitoes and did not pose any danger to the mistress of the house. The Australian named the spider Simon.

One day, a friend of Ben’s with a girl, Shay, stopped by the girl. She warned the guests that a spider lives in her house, and this did not frighten them. However, when Shay saw Simon, she was shocked by his size and asked the owner to get rid of him. ‘I said no, I won’t kill the spider and it won’t hurt anyone. Apparently Ben didn’t specify how big the giant crab spiders were, and Shay didn’t know either.”

As a result, the Australian and Ben caught the spider and released it into the street. This did not satisfy Shay, who demanded that the animal be killed. Since the hostess in no way agreed to this, the guests moved to the hotel.

The author of the post turned to users asking if she acted correctly in this situation. Commentators supported the girl, writing that if she had suffered from arachnophobia, Shay would not have gone to a house where there are spiders.

It was previously reported that a resident of Sydney, Australia, found a spider in the car, decided to make it his pet and gave it a name. Once an Australian let Steve out of the car, but he somehow found his way back and returned to his usual home.

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