The Ministry of Health has assessed the situation with medicines in Russia

Health Ministry head Murashko said drug production and supply is progressing according to plan

The Russians do not need to stock up on medicines, the production and supply of medicines continues as usual. This is how the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko assessed the situation with drugs in Russia. TASS writes on Wednesday 23 March.

He noted that prices for vital drugs are fixed and can only be changed for objective reasons. According to Murashko, this ensures “the affordability of this category of drugs, including in the pharmacy network.”

The minister also said there was a meeting with drug suppliers on Tuesday, March 22, who noted that consumption today is returning to the volumes of March last year.

Earlier, the head of Roszdravnadzor, Alla Samoilova, explained that the shortage of drugs in the country’s pharmacies is due to the unhealthy excitement of the Russians. She said there are sufficient medicines in the warehouses and urged her fellow citizens not to create an artificial shortage and not to purchase medicines in excessive quantities.

Source: Lenta


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