Mentioned ways to use data leaks from Yandex.Food customers by fraudsters

Cyber ​​expert Lukatsky announced the benefits of data breaches from Yandex.Food customers for thieves

Customer data leaked from the Yandex.Food service can be used by fraudsters in various ways. Speaking to, they were mentioned by Alexei Lukatsky, an information security expert at Cisco Systems.

According to him, the leaked data could primarily be used to enrich other databases, in which, for example, only a person’s email address or phone number was present. Now the home address can also be added.

In addition, it is possible to determine whether someone is at home or not based on who, when and which food orders are placed. This information is useful for apartment thieves, which can be quite a risk in the current circumstances.

Alexey Lukatskyinformation security expert at Cisco Systems

On March 1, Yandex.Food reported a leak of user data. According to the service, as a result of dishonest actions by one of its employees, customers’ phone numbers and information about their orders have been published on the Internet: composition, delivery time, and so on. Yandex said they had tightened their approach to storing sensitive information and legal action had been taken against the employee responsible for the leak.

On March 22, reports appeared in Telegram channels and the media about a site with a map on which data about Yandex.Food users was applied: addresses of people, as well as their phone numbers, names and information about spending on orders.

Source: Lenta


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