This orchid one of these in the plants The best thing you can have at home. However, they are delicate flowers and need some care to thrive. If you have bought or given to you and you want it to stay in your home for a long time, we will give you some advice. how to care for orchid and get them back to develop spring after spring.


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Orchids are the most exotic flowers you can have at home

This orchid one of these Flowers The most striking in nature. Most of its varieties wild or wild and grows freely in the meadows. However, there are also varieties of orchids that you can make. grow at home. These are very beautiful flowers. strange Y They need certain special care to survive and thrive.

How to plant orchids at home?

It is important that you choose this container well when planting orchids in a pot. Ideally, it should be made of clear plastic so you can see the roots and monitor their growth. In addition, these transparent pots will also allow sunlight to reach the roots and provide them with more nutrients. You can also choose this plastic flower pot inside a ceramic flower pot or a wicker basket, the most suitable for your home decoration.

In order for the orchid to get stronger at home, it needs special care. pixabay

The care an orchid needs

Orchids are delicate flowers that need some care to survive in the home. We will list the most important ones.

Orchid is one of the best known examples of epiphytic plants. pixabay

Orchid need too much light To grow healthy, you should put them at home in a well-lit place. However, these plants do not stand up well to direct sunlight, so place them near windows but where the sun does not reach them directly.

On the other hand, it is important that the space is well ventilated, but no draftbecause the wind can damage the flowers.

a wild orchid pixabay

Orchids are tropical flowers that need a humid environment, so keep them away from heaters. The ideal place to put them and enjoy the highest possible humidity is the bathroom.

Orchids need a lot of water, but you should be careful that their roots are not submerged. This is a good way to water plants and avoid excess water immerse directly in water. Put water in a container larger than the plastic pot you planted your orchid in and immerse it directly in water so that it reaches its roots well. It is sufficient to repeat this process once a week in winter and twice in summer. In this case, the transparent pot will also be very useful to observe the color of the root. A whitish color is a clear indication that it needs more water.

The most suitable type of water for these plants is low mineralization. In summer and to obtain more humidity, you can also Spray the leaves with water.

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Orchid blooms once a year in spring. When the flowers fall, it is important to prune the plant so that it does not lose energy on the dry stems. Ideally, prune just below the small buds on the stem.