when we think aquatic plants The first thing that comes to my mind Lotus. This beautiful plant is also known as the lotus or nymphaeum and is noted for its beautiful blooms. Surely you have seen them in stagnant lakes and ponds. But today we will tell you how to get one of these. Beautiful flowers at home without the need for a pond or garden. we will tell you how to plant lotus at home and the care this plant needs.


  • A tree that you can plant in a pot and add a fresh and natural atmosphere to your home.

  • The world’s most grown tropical plant that you can have in your home.

How to plant a water lily at home

To plant a water lily at home, we will need a large area. the deep cup. First, you should fill it halfway with clay soil and mix it with water until it reaches the consistency of mud or mud. Then the lotus should be placed in the container so that its roots remain in the mud.

So that the mud is not diluted, it is convenient to place a piece of cardboard on it. You can put oxygen-giving algae used for aquariums on top. In this way, you prevent the deterioration of stagnant water. Place another layer of gravel on the cardboard. Finally, fill the rest of the pot with water so that the flower is above the surface.

When the water in the pot has evaporated, you should again immerse the pot in a container of water so that the lotus is always surrounded by water.

The best place to put lotus

This plant needs light for hours a day, so you should place it in a location that receives direct sunlight. The terrace is an ideal place as it can get sunlight and is the perfect place to keep the plant watered all the time, something more sophisticated in any room of the house.

You should choose a variety of small water lilies because the space you will have at home is much smaller than any pond.

The lotus flowers are so gorgeous pixabay

Best time of year to plant water lilies

best time of year for The planting of water lilies is spring. When the colder months come, the plant overwinter and sprouts again in the spring.

The main pests that affect water lilies

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This plant can be attacked by different pests like lotus aphids or insects.