A 20-year-old girl who was hit by a bus in Alcoy was seriously injured.

20 year old girl was born serious injury first thing after it’s Tuesday city ​​bus crashed in Alcoi. According to information from sources Emergency Information and Coordination Center (CICU)events occurred Around 7:50 am on Pont de Sant Jordi streetNext to its confluence with the Plaza de la Constitución and Alameda Camilo Sesto, known as La Rosaleda. Although the exact circumstances in which the attack took place have not been determined, the victim may be crossing and at that moment he would not notice that a bus was coming.

In the section where the accident occurred, traffic usually flows in one direction from Ensanche to the San Jorge bridge and the historic centre. Vehicles in the opposite direction change direction as soon as they cross the bridge on Doctor Sempere street. Again, city ​​buses and taxis can continue along Pont de Sant Jordi street To Plaza de la Constitución and Alameda. Therefore, it turns out the young woman is likely to have trusted and not looking in that direction before crossing, even more so considering that the cause of the anger was the lane from which public transport runs from the San Jorge bridge to Alameda.

became a victim accompanied by an advanced life support ambulancewas transferred to the Virgen de los Lirios Hospital in Alcoy with an Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SAMU) and multiple bruises. Member of the Security Council, Raul LlopisHe said the exact causes of the accident are still unknown. Local police in charge of the investigationmaking the relevant report.

Source: Informacion


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