Man in Palma arrested for misusing and recording pornographic material with a child in custody

agents National Police arrested Palm a 29 year old Ecuadorian as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of corruption of minors and sexual abuse of minors. person allegedly In exchange for a financial payment, he had sexual intercourse and recorded pornographic material with a child under the age of 15 in a sheltered center of the Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials (IMAS).

Started as a result of the investigation Existing protocol of action between IMAS and Security Forces and Bodieswith which the body in question communicates suspected or evidence of child and adolescent sexual abuse.

Under this protocol, IMAS reported his suspicions to the National Police. A boy under the age of 15 had sexual intercourse with an adult man in exchange for financial reward.

This National Police Family and Women’s Unit (Ufam) took over the investigation and was able to find out the little man met the man through a phone app. victim, man knew the minoritywhat did you say she was paid to have sex with him at the man’s housenot knowing where and not being able to give more information.

Representatives took several steps and They were finally able to identify the man, conducting a check-in and search of his home in Palma last Friday.

on the record The man’s phone was tapped, and agents knew he was using the minor to produce pornographic material, record the minor, and take pictures of him during sexual intercourse.

For these reasons, agents continued to arrest the man as the alleged perpetrator. Two crimes of corruption for allegedly engaging minors in sexual relations for monetary compensation and using minors to produce pornographic material. He was also arrested as the alleged perpetrator a crime sexual abuse a child under 16 years old because the victim is 15 years old.

Source: Informacion


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