Voted the most budget-friendly destinations for the rest of the Russians for the May holidays

In May, prices for accommodation in hotels in Kislovodsk start from two thousand rubles.

Kislovodsk during the May holidays turned out to be the most budgetary domestic destination for travel. This became known from a survey of the housing booking service.

According to the statistics of the online service, in May Russians book vacations from two to nine nights and spend on accommodation from two to four thousand rubles a day. “On average, a family of three pays 18.8 thousand rubles for a weekly vacation in May. The highest demand is for hotels (57 percent) and apartments (36.5 percent),” analysts said.

So, the average cost of living in a hotel in Kislovodsk for one night is two thousand rubles, in Sevastopol – 2.3 thousand, in Kaliningrad – 2.6 thousand. Prices for hotels in Volgograd start from 2.9 thousand rubles per day per person.

Accommodation in Veliky Novgorod, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod will cost more for vacationers – from 3.1 thousand rubles. According to experts, in early May, the highest cost of living is observed in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi, where an overnight stay costs from 3.4 to 3.8 thousand rubles, respectively.

Earlier in March, it was reported that Crimea is the happiest region in Russia according to the majority of Russians (26.5 percent). The Krasnodar Territory occupies second place by a small margin – 22.7 percent of the survey participants believe that happiness should be sought in this region. Third place was taken by the Kaliningrad region, which received 11.3 percent of the vote.

Source: Lenta


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