Nutritionist Named Four Drinks to Lower Cholesterol

ENTN: Doctor Julie Upton suggests drinking tea and three other cholesterol drinks

American dietitian Julie Upton named four drinks that help lower bad cholesterol levels. Expert recommendations published by Eat This, Not That! (ENTN).

To combat high cholesterol, Upton recommends drinking tea. “Tea is good for the heart because of the plant compounds flavonoids, which help lower cholesterol and improve blood vessel health,” explains the nutritionist.

Pomegranate juice is also rich in flavonoids and contains antioxidants that help lower cholesterol levels. Upton cites studies showing that 100% pomegranate juice slows the growth of cholesterol plaques.

Another useful drink to fight bad cholesterol is red wine, as it contains catechins and anthocyanins, which lower the level. However, Upton warned against drinking more than one glass of wine a day for women and two for men. In addition, she advises those who do not drink alcohol to start drinking wine for medicinal purposes.

Oat milk can also lower the level of bad cholesterol, according to Upton, because it is rich in beta-glucans, which help to break it down. However, the nutritionist advises to choose only those brands of drinks that do not contain sugar.

Earlier, Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell mentioned the way to eat pasta without harming the figure. According to her, first of all you should pay attention to the sauces with which pasta is served.

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