Few things can be more relaxing than taking a dip in a pool and then laying down on a sun lounger and sunbathing in silence. Or, on the contrary, relax in the sun and take a restless bath when you’re warm enough, just It allows you to fall into the water.


  • Wooden pools, the most decorative and refreshing option

  • Removable pools: how to cool off at home for less than 900 euros

It seems like an ideal plan to us and since then you can do it at home if you have a terrace or a garden. It doesn’t take up much space either. he is famous Butterfly pool sold by Leroy Merlin. Butterfly? It is called by this name because it has a bucket for water and two sun loungers with height-adjustable backrests on both sides.

can’t be more simple, stylish and comfortable. This original pool is white and made of aluminum. The volume of water in cubic meters is 1.1 and the lining thickness is 85/100 centimeters.

his measures 2.19 x 2.82 x 0.6 m (width x length x depth) so it can be perfect to place it in a garden or on a winter terrace. your purifier cartridge and has a filtration flow rate of three cubic meters per hour.

It also includes LED lights to make your bathrooms even more special at night, a manual pool cleaner to keep them always clean and ready to enjoy, and a 580 g/m2 winter cover. The price of this pool 3.199 Euros.

More Leroy Merlin pools

The decoration and reform giant removable pools It can be perfectly adapted to your garden or terrace. You just have to choose the one you like the most and enjoy the summer!

That’s why we’ve prepared a selection of removable pools that you can buy for less than 160 Euros in our decoration section. These are tubular pools that will help you and your whole family cool off.

Ideal for small pools, a small garden or terrace. blinds

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However, if these models seem small to you, you can also have larger ones at very affordable prices, such as the white steel pool for 791 Euros we mentioned here.

And you know that proper chlorine treatment is crucial to getting your glass bathroom ready, but the bottom also needs a very thorough cleaning. That’s why at Leroy Merlin they have this excellent pool cleaner for removing grime from your removable pool. Effortlessly, it does all the work for you.