Echo of the social epidemic a year ago offers victory options to the left in Colombia

one year later social explosionand 26 days after the first round presidential election, Colombia owner raw skin sores. Some of the reasons that triggered the protests, half of which were committed by representatives of public power, which left dozens missing, 96 serious eye injuries, 35 sexual violence, 1,661 injuries by security guards and 2,053 deaths, remained hidden. arbitrary detention complaints. At the same time, turbulent days political turn.

Last Monday, the Bogota newspaperTime’ He emphasized that 1.4 million people have come out of poverty and this rate has reached 39.3% from 42.5% of the population. “Although there is still a long way to go to return to the pre-COVID path, economic recovery, saving millions of jobs and popularization of money transfers it has improved the social conditions of millions of citizens,” he added. Other analysts point out that there are structural reasons for the collective malaise that emerged last year. 7,415 demonstrations in 800 municipalities and 3,415 barricades were not changed as they pertain to multiple expressions. inequality and exclusionIn addition to the high levels violence According to the UN, in a country Nearly 100 social leaders have been killed each year since 2012. since signing peace treaty between FARC and the stateAt the end of 2016, 312 former guerrillas who laid down their weapons lost their lives. According to the Peace Promotion Research Institute (İndepaz), between 2020 and the first quarter of 2022, 222 massacres, mostly in rural areas.

Left coalition favorite

In this content, Gustavo Petroyour candidate left coalition, historical pact, favorite in polls and an active supporter of last year’s protests has decided to suspend his visit to the country’s coffee region amid a threat of attack. alleged attack. The plan, he denounced, was to be carried out by. far-right paramilitary gang “La Cordillera”. Police denied knowledge of the matter, but it did not ease the fears of the capital’s former mayor, where polls showed up to 42% intent to vote. Federico Gutiérrez, flag bearer on the rightand the strongest contender to the second round with the Petro is backed by 25% of Colombians.

Fear of Peter

For Lorenzo Madrigal, columnist for El Espectador, surveys The results are a kind of “preliminary election” that angers the conservative specter: “Colombia does not seem to have escaped falling into the arms of the besieging Russian bear, either in the first or the second round.”

petro He condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was highly critical of the FARC and the armed struggle, given his status as a former M-19 guerrilla. These positions did not prevent distortions and ‘fake news’. “I type the combination ‘Petro’ and ‘communist’ into my browser and get one million 400k results. Of course, a dozen of these pages are not worth reading, because they all repeat the same thing: the candidate is a threat,” said Olga González, columnist for the ‘La Silla Vaca’ portal.. According to González, disqualification of an opponent is directly “red” or linked to “the most dangerous forms of political criminality,” says González. urbism.

The permanence of Cold War rhetoric appears to be one of the most enduring legacies ever. Alvaro Uribe. The man who ruled Colombia between 2002 and 2008 and later became a powerful enough power factor to be the guarantor of Duque’s 2018 election victory isn’t having his best political hours. The number of people who talk about a relentless decline that started to leave its traces in the middle of the year is not few. social explosion and shows its effect against the May 29 elections. It’s no small fact that the former president, despite the support of the Attorney General, could not prevent Judge Carmen Helena Ortiz Rassa from ordering the trial to continue, alleging that she had falsified the leader to harm Senator Iván Cepeda. “I don’t bribe witnesses, I confront them. I’m not trying to deceive justice,” said the Center for Democratic Connections with paramilitarism. Only about 40 former collaborators came to his defense. “The actions of this arm of power must be transparent and real, leaving no room for any crime.” Suspicion of manipulation, politicization, persecution or alteration that seeks to destroy his life honorable peopleUribe pointed.

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