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news Namea Great Dane 2 years oldThe intriguing (and also very Disney of the same name) town has crossed its borders. pocahontasin Virginia (United States).

And became a bitch 27 hours of labor give birth 21 grain calvesAccording to human Tanya Dubbs.

Surprised, Dubbs admitted to CNN that he was waiting for a dog named Namine to give birth. at most, about 14 puppies. But the day gave a lot, and they came “at 16”. [cachorros] and then she bought another,” says Tanya. “I was sitting in bed and he was in bed with me,” she says; I was talking to a friend and I heard a gush of fluid and looked and said, ‘We have another puppy!’ I said.”

Image of Great Dane puppies.

21 puppies and nearly all, according to Dubbs, It weighed more than 0.45 kilograms. A normal “giant” puppy weight considering that the Great Dane, one of the largest dog breeds in the world, is usually about a meter tall at the shoulder and weighs more than 45 pounds. Although the offspring of this breed vary in number, the ratio is generally Between 1 and 12 puppies: Large dogs tend to have larger puppies.

Right now StillA Neapolitan gumholds the Guinness record for largest litter: 24 puppies born in 2004 last year. Namine fell five pups away from breaking the world record.

Donate with your first puppy

Tanya Dubbs, the only person in this whole story, says she plans to sell the litter of Great Dane puppies as soon as they are weaned from their mothers to donate the money she raised with her first puppy (Yes, just the first…) to the Tazewell County Animal Shelter. Excess profit for him, still worth a few puppies than he bargained for.

George the Giant was one of the largest dogs in the world.

the biggest dog

Right now Zeusanother American Great Dane (residing in Bedford, Texas), Holds the title of “biggest dog alive on record” For Guinness World Records awards. Zeus has a singular and heavy wingspan. almost one and a half meters tall and a weight 90 kilos

What is a “past” dog. You can read his loving and incredible story at the link we added just above.