Ana Mena (Estepona, 1997) undoubtedly one of the urban pop figures of the momentfor accumulating millions of listeners and views with a large part of his repertoire.

The 26-year-old Malaga singer, Emilia Mernes and CNCO, who debuted in 2016 with the single ‘I’m not like you need’ and collaborated with great artists such as Becky G, Carlos Baute, Rocco Hunt, De La Guetto, Maldita Nerea, and CNCO, made us 50. He released his new album ‘Bellodrama’ consisting of 16 songs that take you to the melodies of the ‘s and 60s.

1. Television and music debuts

He started taking music lessons at the age of 8 and a year later in 2006 he won the television competition ‘Veo Veo’. where it shows that singing and dancing is in your blood. In 2009, she starred in the Antena 3 mini-series ‘Marisol, la película’, a project based on the life of Pepa Flores. It was his participation in the ‘My Camp Rock 2’ contest, which he won again in 2010, which brought him great popularity later on.

In 2010, at the age of 13, her major role came from Pedro Almodóvar in ‘La piel que habito’, where she played the daughter of Antonio Banderas. From there he participated in the ‘El número 1’, ‘talent show’ in Antena 3, which landed him in the cast of ‘Vive cantando’ (2013)’ in which he starred in a musical performance.

Mena has expressed her passion for music since she was very young andWhen she first sang, she did it by the hand of Niña Pastori..

2. Step into the music industry

soon Singers on Disney Channel, In 2016, he decided to make a big solo leap into the music industry with ‘I’m not what you think’, which made him the most valuable artist of the moment and the most listened song in Spain for fifteen days.

He was slowly releasing more or less successful songs, until he tried his luck in Italy and released them. “D’estate non vale” with Italian rapper Fred De Palma. The song swept the charts. and a year later they repeated and published ‘Una volta ancora’. After another big hit, the duo was released third song: “Se iluminaba”, this time in Spanish. It was among the most listened songs during quarantine in Italy.

Inside Andalusian vocalist released ‘A un paso dalla luna’ with Rocco Hunt in summer 2020, It ranked fourth among the country’s five most important issues published in Spanish.

In May of last year he announced the launch of ‘Un bacio all’improvviso’, again with Hunt, and in October he started another collaboration with Italian Federico Rossi. In 2021, he became the most-streamed national artist in Spain, ahead of Rosalía.

3. Her stunning makeup

It is obvious that the singer has undergone a radical physical change since she started singing on stage. In fact, his transformation has been the subject of debate in many media, which before she had more oval eyes, a larger nose, and much thinner lipsFor this reason, it is thought that the artist resorted to some methods. cosmetic touch-ups

Although he has never made a decision on this matter, The first obvious difference is that her long brown hair has turned blonde. Also, her nose is now more stylized, which probably led to a rhinoplasty. Also, one may have been exposed blepharoplasty, Minor cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin on the eyelids for a more expressive look. Her previously thin lips now look fuller, which may be due to several sessions of hyaluronic acid injections.

Finally, some experts point out that in order to identify the face, the singer underwent a bichectomy, which is so fashionable among celebrities. It consists in removing the bags of Bichat fat located on the cheeks to reduce excess fat.

4. Participation Sanremo Song Festival

Main Mena in February 2022 Sanremo Song Festival of Italy, rock band Maneskin, from which the big winners of Eurovision 2021 last year.

malaguena which ‘Duecentomila ore’ performed, penultimate in the final classification of the competition, but he was equally happy to be able to fulfill his dream of performing at the Ariston Theater as part of the musical celebration he saw with his family as a child.

“We reached the final, time passed quickly and it was a unique adventure. I will give my 100% for this final performance. but above all, I will have the most fun,” Mena wrote in an Instagram post.

A few minutes after her performance, she told RaiRadio: “To be a beautiful, magical experience, to be able to breathe a beautiful atmosphere…”, aforementioned.

And his commitment to Italy goes much further. In fact, the Malaga woman set up her residence in Milan a few months ago. “Even if I come and go, I will stay there for months,” she said in an interview.

Some media claimed that his frequent travels had a lot to do with him. AC Milan football player love with Malaga football player Brahím Díaz They were photographed together on the streets of Madrid with their relatives for a year.

5. An anecdotal mishap on stage

Ana Mena suffered almost a year ago, last April A wardrobe mishap during Los40’s performance at the WiZink Center in Madrid during Primavera Pop 2022.

“My skirt fell off and I was frozen on stage”, The singer revealed on her Instagram account, which has recently surpassed one million followers.

“There was a moment, I say: what should I do? So I looked down and became a home owner. Oh good, It was fun because the public also reacted with love.” he finished.

The artist continued his performance in his most natural state, as if nothing had happened to the screams of the audience, instead of turning red and blushing. Fortunately, he took the situation with a great sense of humor and said goodbye by saying: “And if that other day I wear a safety pin”.

“I had to share this moment with you because It was literally one of the funniest and craziest things that ever happened to me on stage. This has happened to me twice, once when I was singing Nil Moliner and the other singing ‘Música ligera’, which is a very fitting song to reveal”, he explained with a laugh.

on this occasion The reaction to being left without a skirt in the middle of the concert was also on the expected.

6. Released his second ‘Bellodrama’

Malaga singer just got started in one of the best moments of her career With ‘Bellodrama’, her second studio album and a nationwide concert tour.

After five years of not releasing an album, 15 songs that talk about love and heartbreak. “It is the pleasure of melancholy”, says the artist.

Prior to its release, he had developed some songs like ‘Música ligera’ or ‘LAS 12’, but had not released any vinyl since 2018 when he released ‘Index’.

During the promotion of the album, Mena assured that the album was about. “a tribute to his favorite pop”, With songs referencing ’60s and ’70s melodies, he affirms, however, “There’s also room for ballads, urban rhythms, and even bachata in ‘Bellodrama.”

In this sense, he draws attention to the fact that he was inspired by the voices of different influential artists for his second album. “From Katy Perry to La Oreja de Van Gogh through Luis Miguel”. For the lyrics of the songs in this new album created between Spain and Italy, He admits that he was inspired by the stories of the people around him, as well as his own personal experiences.

As Mena announced on Twitter, the ‘Bellodrama Tour’ will begin April 15 in A Coruña and It will end on September 9 at Wizink CenterIt’s in Madrid but will also pass through Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Valladolid.