catalog lidl The department offers a wide range of products every week. Bazaar often become bestsellers. Furniture is one of the sectors that the customers of the German supermarket chain expect the most. beautify your home, It is practical and functional. For example, its pineapple-shaped lamp or shoe rack for large families quickly sold out. Now it’s time for another flagship product: the foldable bed that seems to follow the same path.

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Lidl folding bed

HE Lidl folding bed It is a versatile product that you will forget about the space problems at home. It has multiple uses, allowing it to adapt to different situations and making it easy to carry. So it’s perfect for hosting your guests when they come to spend a few days at home, and you can continue to use it as a sofa or even a decorative element when they leave. It looks great anywhere in the living room or bedroom and becomes a comfortable bed when unfolded.

Lidl folding bed Pixabay

This is a guest bed that takes up less space.

Lidl’s folding mattress takes up almost no space, measuring 190 x 65 x 6.5 cm when extended and folded into a seat, approximately 63 x 65 x 25.5 cm, so it can be stored anywhere. Its popularity is so great that it is running out on the internet for only 49.99 Euros, you can have an extra bed at home.

Includes a removable, machine-washable cover for damage-free storage and transport. In addition, it has been produced with social and environmental responsibility awareness, using high quality materials and foam filling that guarantees a comfortable and restful sleep.

Lidl folding bed. Pixabay

fun present gray design with white stars. Its texture is soft and delicate to the touch, making it very aesthetically appealing and not just another piece of trash in the house when guests leave.

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Other uses of Lidl folding mattress

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used both as a sofa and as a bed, offering multiple usage options. In addition, it is perfect for camping or traveling without the discomfort of its size or weight. It weighs less than two kilos (1.95 kilos) in total and has a removable, machine-washable cover that makes it even easier to maintain.