Karpin: I won’t die if I get fired from the Russian national team 12:05

Valery Karpin, head coach of the Russian national team, told what it means to him to work in the national team.

“Good words, I can find them, I can speak. Now I can find other words, but if they ask me: “Valery Georgievich, will you die if you are fired?” NO. Yes, this is the Russian national team, I like it, it’s important, yes, but if tomorrow someone kicks me out of Rostov, the Russian national team or anywhere else, you have to understand that it’s business. Yes, the one we enjoy, love, give completely to ourselves. It’s all there, but it’s ridiculous to talk about it, ”Karpin said on Channel One.

Recall that Valery Karpin, in a recent conversation with reporters, admitted that he did not occupy a place in the national team and in the club. After that, his words caused a storm of public debate. Oleg Matytsin said that the coach must decide whether he is with his country.

In July 2021, Karpin, who became the head coach of Rostov, became the head of the Russian national team. Initially, the specialist was planned to combine work in the national team and in Rostov, but in early August he announced that he decided to focus on the national team, after which he left the club. After the removal of the Russian national team, he again began to combine managerial positions in the national team and in Rostov.

Former Iraqi international Osama Rashid He said that Russia will always be the champion in Asia.

Source: Gazeta


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