The hood of a “beautiful” car stuck to an open tree in Tashkent 12:11

In the capital of Uzbekistan, a Chevrolet Malibu crashed into a tree in an almost vertical position with the hood open after an accident. informs “Newspaper.Uz”.

The accident occurred the previous night on Shota Rustaveli Street in front of the district courthouse. It was alleged that the 21-year-old car driver lost control of the steering wheel. The presence of a 15-year-old passenger in the cabin at the time of the accident was treated at the scene by the doctors. at the same time, a “beautiful” number plate 888 is fitted to the vehicle.

In the photo and video taken from the scene, it is seen that the front wheels of the car hit the pavement on the side of the road and the bumper hit the asphalt. The back rests on the tree. Two tow trucks with winches to get the stuck car out, clarifies Telegram channel Tashkent_Land.

Earlier it became known that there was a woman in Moscow. moved into a showcase by mixing pedals.

Source: Gazeta


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