Coach Mike Ball reveals five strength training secrets for effective weight loss 06:41

Trainer Mike Ball reveals five strength training secrets for effective weight loss. eat this not that.

To lose weight, the specialist recommends loading larger muscles such as the quadriceps femoris, hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

The second tip is to do exercises with a closed kinetic chain, that is, with movements based on a stationary object. We are talking about a wall, area or crossbar. Exercise may include lunges, squats, pull-ups and push-ups.

The third tip from Bol is to work out all parts of the body and additionally do cardio.

“Cardio is one of the most effective calorie-burning activities you can do. So be sure to replace strength training with aerobic exercises,” she said.

The trainer also recommends changing the diet and adding more protein foods to it.

It has been previously reported that classical stretching, ankle warm-ups, balance and coordination exercises will help prepare for icing conditions and reduce the risk of injury. In this respect “” said Eduard Shakula, fitness manager of the Pride Fitness fitness club network.

Source: Gazeta


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