Fenerbahce reacts to the incident from Zenit supporters: We are friends 06:47

Turkish “Fenerbahçe” board member Salahattin Baki, in the friendly match St. Petersburg reacted to the incident with “Zenith” fans. “Sports Express”.

Bucky noted that it was a minor incident, but everything was fine.

“Zenit and I are friends,” he added.

At the end of the first half of the friendly match between Fenerbahce and Zenit, an argument broke out between the Turkish fans and the blue-white-blue fans.

The fact that the guests began to shout “Russia” slogans caused the reaction of the Turks. The police had to intervene, eventually leaving St. Petersburg club were escorted to the buildings under the stands.

Previously on Zenith commented The incident that happened when the Russian fans withdrew during the friendly match played between Fenerbahçe and the blue-white-dark blue team in Istanbul.

Source: Gazeta


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