This will be the new AstraZeneca R&D center in Barcelona

what did it start as clinical research center for rare diseases It paves the way for being one today. ‘Center’ of world reference in medical research and innovation in general. At least that’s the intention of those responsible: AstraZeneca Launched less than a year ago through its subsidiary, the first stone was cast this Wednesday to transform the space. alexioninside international R&D center let it be European reference for pharmaceuticals at internal level and researching and developing solutions for the entire group worldwide.

This means that the center, which the company announced this week that it plans to invest 800 million euros, will be located in Istanbul’s building. top of the diagonal Right in front of where Alexion has been operating for several months Plaza de la Reina Maria Cristina. The group currently has a factory with around 90 people, and their idea is to gradually gain more space within the same building until it can accommodate the 1,000 workers they hope to have in five years.

As explained in the official presentation of the ‘center’ who will be the responsible person, Gonzalo de MiquelThe team will consist of two health scientists (biologists, pharmacists…) and profiles of experts in related fields, for example data science or information analysis. For reference, the same manager explained that “the team today is already very diverse: with local and national talent, as well as professionals from more than 20 countries.” In addition, it was emphasized that two out of every three senior executive positions are women.

So what are these professionals going to do here? “Innovate in healthcaredevelop new solutions for unmet needsto find new treatments “Improving and improving access for patients within our company’s five core therapeutic areas,” responded at the start of the action. President of AtraZeneca in Spain, Rick R Suarez. These are related kidney and cardiovascular system, breathing problems, oncology, rare diseases And immunotherapy And vaccines.

Therefore, as de Miquel later noted, the plan is to involve development teams in other areas of expertise beyond the rare diseases that Alexion is currently addressing, as well as increasing its presence in more cross-cutting areas such as: clinical pharmacology, biometrics, digital health And general innovation.

“Our vision is for this center to become a reference center for research and innovation”, this responsible person admitted. “Here they will coordinate and manage projects that have a global impact,” he said. For example: important clinical research (undertaken to seek approval of a drug from health authorities) that AstraZeneca will soon lead from Barcelona for the first time.

I am sure there will be many more projects in the future.” “In this way, we will not only increase the number of clinical trials, but we will conduct studies at earlier and more relevant stages, which will lead to progress. science and medicine from Spain towards the world”.

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