Scientists have named a sign that may predict an increased risk of dementia.

Erasmus University scientists have found that people with low bone density may have a greater risk of developing dementia compared to people with higher bone density. Research published in the journal neurology.

The study included 3651 elderly people from the Netherlands. On average, 688 people (19%) developed dementia over 11 years of follow-up. The researchers evaluated the patients’ bone density using x-rays. Participants also filled out questionnaires and passed physical and dementia tests every four to five years.

1211 people had low body density. Of the 1211 people with high bone density, 90 developed dementia within 10 years, compared to 57.

After adjusting for factors such as age, gender, education, other medical conditions, medications, and heredity, the researchers found that patients with the lowest bone density were 42% more likely to develop dementia than those with the highest bone density.

The scientists noted that their study did not show a causal relationship. However, it is possible for bone loss to occur in the earliest stages of dementia, years before any clinical symptoms appear. If so, bone loss may be an indicator of dementia risk, and people with bone loss may be referred for screening.

“Low bone density and dementia are two conditions that typically affect older adults concurrently, especially as bone loss often increases during dementia due to physical inactivity and malnutrition. However, little is known about bone loss that occurs in the pre-dementia period. showed that it occurs earlier and is therefore associated with a higher risk of developing dementia.

Source: Gazeta


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