Expert told how scammers got victims’ “keys”

The head of the CyberMoscow project, Grigory Pashchenko, told how the attackers got the “keys” of the victim.

According to him, thematic photos of a person can become an important point for scammers.

“You posted a photo of a horse – a scammer can write to you and offer to ride a horse for half the price, and you will go to a phishing site. You said you like going to cafes and restaurants – you’ll get a fake offer to buy a 50 percent off bonus card. By exposing photos taken on vacation, you attract the attention of house thieves, ”the expert explained on the radio. Sputnik.

Also, do not post photos of documents on social networks. For example, by posting a photo of a passport and airline ticket, you can figure out where a person is going and use that information to implement a fraud scheme. It is also better not to publish a photo of a driver’s license.

Pashchenko urged scammers to refrain from uploading photos of children, which they could use for their own purposes, signing on various sources that the child is sick, and trying to transfer money.

The expert believes that the best way to protect yourself from scammers is to close your social media profile and make it available only to your friends.

Source: Gazeta


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