Named an unexpected way to find a stolen car

Autoexpert Igor Morzharetto said “”How to protect a car from theft and what helps to find it if theft occurs.

According to him, if a car is stolen, you can use a simple life trick – put a button phone under one of the seats. In the event of a car theft, the Home Office will be able to request a bill phone from a mobile operator that will allow them to find out about its whereabouts. Driver should keep this phone charged and also turn off sound and vibration on it.

Simple mechanical measures can also protect against car theft – installing locks on the hood and gearbox.

Also, the specialist advises not to park the car in a dark alley, but to choose places illuminated by video cameras.

Former representatives of the insurance industry warnedHe said that Russia could face a wave of car thefts in the near future.

Source: Gazeta


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