Bloomberg: US plans to sell HIMARS systems and ammunition to Poland for $10 billion 00:33

The US plans to sell HIMARS systems and ammunition to Poland for $10 billion. Bloomberg citing two sources.

The publication states that this amount will be used to purchase 18 HIMARS systems and ammunition.

The Pentagon said the package will include the ATACMS long-range missile system and guided multiple launch rocket system (GMLRS) missiles. Sources say Congress was notified of the proposed deal under the Foreign Military Sales Program.

Previously at the Pentagon declarationThat the new military aid package from the United States to Ukraine includes two MIM-23 Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems, HIMARS and Javelin ammunition, and artillery and mortar shells.

The United States will send 150 km-range GLSDB missiles, additional 155 mm cannon and 120 mm mortar shells, 190 heavy machine guns, 181 mine-protected vehicles, 250 Javelin anti-tank systems, two thousand anti-tank missiles and cold. Weather equipment to Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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