OneTwoTrip named budget destinations for trips around Russia for May holidays 00:32

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip has informed about cheap routes for the longest spring weekend, May holidays. To do this, we analyzed flight prices from ten popular cities where Russians most frequently search for airfare. All options up to 5,000 rubles for a one-way flight from April 29 to May 14.

Thus, for the May holidays you can fly from Moscow to St. Petersburg for at least 2,600 rubles, or to Pskov for 2,700 rubles. Flights to Tambov (3,000 rubles for a one-way ticket), Cherepovets (3,300 rubles) and Murmansk (3,400 rubles) will cost a little more.

Budget options are also available for travelers from St. Petersburg: a flight to the capital in the last month of spring will cost at least 2,600 rubles, to Arkhangelsk – 2,900 rubles, and to Kazan – 3,000 rubles. You can also find cheap tickets to Samara (3,100 rubles) and Stavropol (3,400 rubles).

It is most profitable to go from Sochi to Makhachkala: you can visit Dagestan in May by buying a ticket for at least 2,000 rubles. The flight to Mineralnye Vody will cost a little more – 2,100 rubles one way. The list of the most accessible destinations also includes Astrakhan (from 4,500 rubles), Saransk (from 4,900 rubles) and Kazan (from 5,000 rubles).
From Yekaterinburg you can go to Izhevsk for 1,700 rubles, and to Magnitogorsk – for 1,800 rubles. The flight from the capital of the Urals to Tyumen (2,300 rubles) and Khanty-Mansiysk (2,500 rubles) will cost a little more than two thousand. And you can fly to Tobolsk for at least 3,300 rubles.

Residents of Mineralnye Vody spend their May holidays in Makhachkala (airfare will cost at least 1,600 rubles), Pskov (2,000 rubles), Astrakhan (2,300 rubles), Sochi (2,600 rubles) and Volgograd (3,800 rubles). they can pass.

From Kazan to Samara (cost of a one-way flight 2,400 rubles), Yaroslavl (2,500 rubles), St.

Tourists from Arkhangelsk also have access to quite a few cheap flights: paying at least 2,200 rubles for a ticket to St. rubles, and to Murmansk – from 5,000 rubles.

From Novosibirsk you can find very profitable flights to neighboring cities and regions: you can get to Kemerovo for only 1,000 rubles, to Barnaul – 1,200 rubles, and to Tomsk – 1,500 rubles. You can also arrange an economical trip to Altai (a ticket to Gorno-Altaysk will cost at least 2,200 rubles) and Krasnoyarsk (2,500 rubles).

It is best to fly from Surgut on May holidays to Kurgan (2,900 rubles for a one-way flight) and Tobolsk (3,400 rubles). You can also go to Tyumen (3,700 rubles), Perm (3,800 rubles) and Omsk (3,900 rubles).

For a long weekend, residents of Ufa can plan a trip to Astrakhan (a one-way ticket costs at least 2,300 rubles), Samara (2,700 rubles) or Perm (2,800 rubles). The flight to Omsk will cost 3,000 rubles, and a little more – 3,400 rubles – to Khanty-Mansiysk.

Previously reportedHe said that Russians started to show more interest in flights to Alanya, Antalya and Minsk.

Source: Gazeta


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