Youth has long ceased to be a problem, at least in football. There are more coaches occupying good positions without dragging a heavy or glorious past. Men who don’t spend the morning counting battles and the afternoon working the next day. Well-trained professionals who can explain the game with surgical precision and most importantly to football players who don’t like to listen all the time.

With Hercules’ morbid (and contagious) devotion, there was quite a bit, but none of it. napkin, Lluis Planaguma or the last one, Manuel Maria Escobar. All three share passion, violence, common sense and a broad vision of the football they play. No one promises entertainment, everyone puts victory in the center of the goal and they reach it by the way they see as the shortest way. They glorify the dots because for them beauty is relative and it’s always about winning.


Growing up is always more attractive when you start very low

The devastating drift the team got into angel rodriguez He left only two alternatives for his successor: the most obvious failure or the glorious success. Currently, Lolo is crossing the second road. He started so low that his rise is spectacular. No one before him had created such a sudden and profound revulsion at this club in the new century. There used to be very little David Vidal… and for over thirty years of that.

Escobar has discovered nothing, he has no invincible tactical secrets, but he values ​​something just as important as strategy: He always knows how to take care of his belly. to observe. Evaluate correctly. Don’t be delusional. He is a pragmatist. Everything is as it seems for the current blue and white coach. If someone isn’t training at the level they demand, they won’t ask why, but they won’t on Sunday either. Does not engage in off-site investigations or investigations. What matters to him is what goes on inside, which is not beyond his control.


He managed Lolo Escobar as the first coach.

►Since his debut in 2019, he has coached Las Rozas (2. B), Salamanca UDS (2. B), Mirandés (2.) and Hércules.


21 possibilities since he took the team on the 14th match day

►Not lost yet and got five wins and two draws.


And two games won as inferior at Rico Pérez

►The draw in Alzira should have been a win and they took a 2-0 lead in the 80th minute against Mallorca B.

He inherited a fragmented team with no north, no defensive frame, no melee weapons; risks the least. Escobar has expanded the area where the ball passes, gaining a solid but flexible structure. How he did it: breaking the double pivot, not splitting the team like his predecessor did, which alienated some from defense and some from offense. At first, while there was still energy, it worked because the attack was dominant. As this paused, he found what was behind his hilarious proposition: There was nothing underneath, Hercules was playing without a net.


Line unity, coordinated printing and clear references

Another thing the Extremadura coach has accomplished, which is no small matter, was to give each player their own space. Everyone knows where he has to go, what his role is in the context of the choir. this did Cesar Moreno looks like himself again Michel get in your way Sergio MarcosHE Tuscanyan expert (in the category and midfielder) activates the offensive action so as not to overload the pivot; alvarito you are free to be wrong…

Success lies in the right dispensing, the full dose, too many cinnamon bites, too much salt ruins the best recipe. Sports management made up for the shortcomings of summer in a snowy winter market, which was possible thanks to the victories. Adding points by threes helps everything, relieves tension and gives you room to maneuver, is key when negotiating… or waiting for someone like you Diego Jimenez.

The most obvious fix happened behind, but it will really start to show itself later. Competition is raging on something no one usually focuses on when taking X-rays: study sessions. It is easier to achieve success in double positions with solid football players because the luck is not endless.


“May luck catch us at work” is a great slogan

All victories are covered with a more or less thick patina of luck. All. Without exception. Nothing can be achieved with bad luck. Goals can only be achieved with luck. It happens in many areas of life, but these are always specific, short-term events, short-term events. In a League it is impossible for luck to keep you afloat. Lolo Escobar It’s true that he got lucky, but when he didn’t (conceded at least one goal, got kicked out twice as soon as he started, critical injuries etc). Nico Espinosa…) team did not fall, kept pushing.

And those who think that this is just faith are mistaken. Football players are confusedThey only trust those who offer them reasons beyond personal treatment. When they believe in a block coach, it’s because they see very clearly that the work is well planned, done well, the tools their coach gave them are good, and if things don’t go their way, it’s because they’re just like everyone else right now. “The little arrow points down,” he says. Like sometimes, you still fail Sergio Morabut they are the least.