Three Nobel Peace Prize winners discuss the past, present and future of the conflict in Ukraine

With the participation of distinguished members of the three organizations obtained last year Nobel Peace Prize, In addition top Spanish government officials, activists and journalistsMadrid is hosting a conference this week where key issues related to the war in Ukraine will be discussed; For example, the reasons and mistakes that push Europe, which is believed to have been exiled, to be the scene of war once again.

Also, to encourage lines of motion throughout the day. Civil society in Russia and supporting a change in the Eurasian giant is a necessary premise for its return. stability to the Old Continent. Organized jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission and the foundation Raphael del Pino The call aims to present new ideas to political leaders and acting methods deal with the most serious war crisis It has been facing the European space since the end of the Second World War.

In open mic meetings or behind closed doors, participants try to answer questions such as the effectiveness of international sanctions, their impact on Russia’s internal debate, whether it is necessary to persecute Russia. war criminalsMovements in this or that direction within Russian power, or existing misperceptions of the national realities of the three countries in Europe and the USA.

Kremlin aggression

One of the questions that is constantly raised is this: western passivity when it comes to reacting to the increasingly aggressive behavior displayed by the Kremlin leader since he came to power at the turn of the century. The presence of journalists and activists from inside Russia allowed participants to get an accurate picture of what is currently going on in Vladimir Putin’s country.

One of the points of consensus among experts and activists is that shortcomings and the failure of the political transition in Russia after the collapse of the USSR and the need to learn from the mistakes of the past. Attendees of the Madrid event believe that in the Eurasian giant there is not only Putin’s Russia, but also Russia. another Russia appears Who needs to be helped now and in the future, and with whom we will have to work to restore stability on the European continent when the war is over.

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