Carmakers seek ‘attractive’ tax incentives for electric car purchases from Montero

Wayne Griffith, president of the Automaker Employers Association of Seat and Anfac, benefited from the presence of the Minister of Finance. Maria Jesus MonteroAt the presentation of the Future Fast Forward industrial project led by Seat and Volkswagentake care of it “attractive” tax incentives for electric car purchases to encourage parking renewal Spanish car.

Instead of demonizing the car, we should help democratize electromobility with tax incentives. for the renewal of the electric vehicle park and above all to speed up the installation of charging points. What head of Anfac and taking advantage of the fact that you’re here I ask you to be sensitive to our offers to achieve attractive taxation. we have to to encourage the Spaniards a buy electric car said Griffiths. In his reply, the Minister completely rejected the offer He limited it to admitting that Griffiths and Spain were “far” from their goal of reaching 100,000 charging points this year, and calling “improving charging for electric vehicle users” “essential”.

Anfac sources explain that the main claim of the industry is: direct help as well as the purchase of electric vehicles “on the go and without taxation in the IRPF” tax credits -in VAT, IRPF and IS- for companies replacing their old vehicle fleet with electric vehicles. Available assistance to the Moves Plan for the purchase of electric cars and the establishment of charging points is insufficient in the employer’s view, as it takes between “12 to 15 months” for beneficiaries to receive the money and have to pay taxes for the assistance received, while in other countries such as Germany this is not the case. It is possible.

The Future Fast Forward project became the project that received the largest amount of funding (397.37 million) in the world’s first aid party. Strategic Project for the Improvement and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (to lose VEC)a very insufficient amount for a project according to the beneficiaries’ criteria. more than 10,000 million, According to Griffiths, an estimated impact on employment of 145,000 jobs and more than €2,400 million in tax and Social Security contributions.

In addition to Montero, on behalf of the Government the new Secretary General for Industry, Francis Whitebut highlighted absence head of this ministry, maroto kingsto travel Morocco For a bilateral summit with Spain. However, Blanco did not take any public action, although she would be tasked with redesigning the second call. Strategic Project for the Improvement and Economic Transformation of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (Perte VEC), after failure first attempt What Montero describes as a “learning curve”.

The government barely managed to allocate 877m euros in this first attempt. grants collectible European Next Generation funds, Although almost a 3,000 million bag for them. Some are waiting to be appointed €2.1 billion and Spain have already agreed with Brussels to extend the deadlines for the execution of the funds for another three years until 2028. gym requires public searches to be generally more accessible”, but without further details.

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