Psychologist explains why it’s important for a leader to understand his subordinates 20:11

If employees have an understanding manager, it benefits both the business and each employee more. Psychologist, entrepreneur and coach Yunona Belikova told about this.

According to the expert, every link in the work has a benefit. For the manager it is the well-being of the business and profit, for the employee it is profit. But a different model would be much better for both parties: when both the manager and the employees have a common goal to make the business successful.

“For a business to grow, the team must not only take on assignments but also receive proportional rewards. This is something managers often overlook. For example, employees have recorded record revenues at a beauty salon or restaurant. All the employees know this, but the money goes entirely to the manager. The team feels that their efforts at this point are futile. And this approach can ruin everything, ”said the psychologist.

He stated that it is vitally important for each person to record their achievements. Therefore, every employee should feel the benefit of the efforts. This can be a premium, a fixed premium, or a variable profit percentage.

“Leaders who neglect this rule often get nothing and get completely unmotivated people on the team. And they certainly won’t consider business growth,” said coach Yunona Belikova.

Another factor in the well-being of any company is the atmosphere. In order to keep the best employees in the team, they need to feel good at work, that is, the leader must bring the team closer.

“You can go to the hero race with the team, fry kebabs, draw the big picture. A person “sticks” to people when he has feelings and memories in common with them. Friday movie screenings, holiday celebrations or business victories are appropriate to create an atmosphere. Small traditions create an intimate atmosphere. I don’t want to leave these teams. You go to work and you know you will recharge from the communication there. It is useful for everyone, ”the expert assured.

According to the coach, the third factor is development. Growing and learning people, firstly, are interested in themselves, secondly, they feel more confident and competent thanks to education, thirdly, they can bring new ideas on how to further develop the business and find chips that will increase or decrease income. costs. Therefore, managers simply need to organize training for employees.

“The fourth factor is the energy of the leader. No, not screaming, breaking down walls, or leaping from security cameras with control. More control never means better work. Sometimes employees can’t figure out the simplest things on their own if the manager pushes them too hard. Our brain works in such a way that in a state of fear it can make mistakes, the person freezes and does nothing. This is how the team feels constantly in control – they are afraid and do not do it, or they constantly ask the boss for something, ”explained psychologist Belikova.

According to him, it is much more effective if the leader is so loaded with the idea of ​​blaming his team. In this case, the success of any business is absolutely guaranteed if the team is inspired and knows that there will be a reward in both money and emotion, and they will eventually also celebrate the victory of their favorite team.

“We spend so much time at work that neither employees nor managers should accept any less,” said the expert.

Former psychologist Kapalbayeva announcedHow to deal with emotional burnout.

Source: Gazeta


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