Moscow puts pressure on the Russian diaspora

“men they wentman they stayed“. Together humiliation gestureIt follows two young Muscovites, introduced as ‘a Russian woman’.innovators and urbanitesget a well-paying job, get into a luxury car with a chauffeur, and announce you’re on your way Georgia, leaving Russia forever. Suddenly, an old woman slides next to the car that is about to move, and two boys, dressed in simpler clothes and from a visibly different social class, help her get up, which motivates the car. derogatory comment your lady

This is the content of a propaganda video posted by Telegram to discredit the citizens of the Russian Federation who have left the country and refuse to fight in a conflict they don’t think is theirs. alpha bankSomebody big russian banks guesses that 1.1 million citizens left the country last yearin fact two waves, at the beginning of the offensive in Ukraine in February-March, and when partial mobilization was announced in September. The Russian diaspora, preferably settled in neighboring former Soviet republics, is faced with various problems. Print from Moscow to deter it human bleeding and even to encourage return.

One of the favorite destinations of Russians Kazakhistan. It central asian country, border with RussiaAllowing visa-free entry and long-term use of the Russian language, best options for those fleeing the country. At first, the population taken by population open your arms to the russians Those fleeing mobilization and the political situation, as evidenced by extraordinary events hospitality gestures, which allows newcomers to sleep and cater for them in public places such as the cinema since all the hotels are full. After a while the problems started.

hardening of requirements

One of the exiles, Kristina, explains that it was her company that offered her to leave Russia. “I immediately agreed,” she says. She was lucky to have “joined a company” willing to take them all to another country rather than an expatriate. fire them “like many other international companies.” The Kazakh authorities wanted to take advantage of these trips to improve the situation. their own economiesprovides conveniences to companies like Kristina’s. But recently they changed the visa-free regime for all foreigners and currently you can only stay. 90 days in a row visa-free on Kazakh territory. When leaving, the citizen in question will have to wait twice as long, up to 180 days, before re-entering, a measure that hurts Russians the most.

Viacheslav is a young man running away because They tried to recruit soldiers for the armywhen “a Warm welcome and the locals were friendly”. Despite the initial good feelings, he also regretted what he saw. insecurity and greed in some owners. “Prices have increased dramatically. rent sometimes they ask you to pay three months in advance.” This is unusual in Russia, a country where a one-month deposit is usually required.

The boy believes that it will take some time for him to return to his country, and of course does not even think of returning “until he arrives”. end the war‘ and make sure it’s ‘safe to return.’ She remembers trying to take her away once and is afraid her name will be in ‘some’. database”, so they can restrict you from leaving Russia in the future. He has also criticized the conflict in the networks and knows that this is “enough”. to arrest someone“.

Russians in the South Caucasus

On February 24, 2022, the date when Russia’s offensive against Ukraine began, many ghosts from the past awoke. Georgia. Currently, two regions of this Transcaucasian country are not recognized and controlled by Russia’s allies. Tbilisi He fought to regain control in 2008, but Russia supported the war South Ossetia Y Abkhazia and Georgian ArmyHe had to surrender without any support.

Despite this, thousands of Russians came to that former Soviet republic throughout 2022. This high point It occurred in September when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization.. Then the Russians came to destroy the Russia-Georgia land border. they even came to leave the cars behind to get through the customs gate with bikes and scooters since crossing on foot is prohibited. More than 1000 in September alone 200,000 people in Georgiaa country of only four million inhabitants.

Arkadi, a Russian who arrived in 2022, generally said “a totally normal attitude among locals (and the Russians)”. “The people are people everywhere”, he assures, although on a few local occasions he regretted it. when they found out his nationality they stopped talking to him. Georgia remains a favorite destination for Russians who want to leave the country, but it is difficult to enter by land at the moment. vehicle traffic restricted to border areas.

Those who crossed the Russian border in a southerly direction faced additional difficulties experienced by a part of the population. he doesn’t want them in his countryslogans like “don’t”, as evidenced by graffiti or stickers found on the streets buy russian products” or “The Russians come home.” The influx of Russians – as well as some Belarusians and Ukrainians – in Georgia, especially rental prices from big cities.

In addition to the problems faced by any citizen who is forced to leave their country in a hurry and on a rush, Russians abroad have to face a number of measures that the authorities are preparing to approve in order to confirm their stance. Deputy Speaker of the Duma Anna Kuznetsova just offered to seize to give the property of the Russians who left the country to the orphans, because from his point of view “They betrayed the country”.

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