Ministry of Interior closes headquarters of Benissa Civil Guard

Benissa runs away Civil Guard. Very close. The Ministry of the Interior will transfer agents from the “temporary” outpost since 2007 (when the former Benemérita barracks in Benissa on Avenida del País Valencià was demolished) to the barracks on the coast of Portet de Moraira. The Benissa crew were also essential for security at Vall de Pop (the Xaló barracks mainly performs administrative functions).

The Spanish Civil Guards Association (AEGC) denounced this morning that the closure of this barracks “did not respond to operational reasons” as a result of it. “mismanagement and lack of understanding” Between the headquarters of the Civil Guard (subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior) and the town hall. He warns that security is declining in the state of Alicante, where “crime is becoming more and more organized and violent.”

In 2007, when the old barracks were demolished (an unfinished apartment building was built here), the ministry had a commitment to build a new one. Meanwhile, the Benissa foundation resides in “precariously rented municipal premises.”

AEGC, the argument Regrouping agents in Moraira is not sustainable. He warns of the distance between the barracks, which will now continue to operate in Marina Alta, and points out that there are very close Civil Guard posts in Alicante. Wall and one Cocentaina (6.9 kilometers)) or Castalla and Onil (4 kilometers) if the merger is justified.

On the other hand, it is essential for the interior of Marina Alta, as well as serving a town of 12,000 in Benissa, whose population skyrockets during the summer months, especially along the coastline.

“Agents from Benissa are packing their bags for Moraira, which becomes the main outpost over the next few days, but with this type of restructuring we are taking a step back,” the AEGC concludes.

Source: Informacion


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